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Hey guys,i am Nico,21 age,171C,I am come from Chengdu city,i am new one for escort girl at dalian city,i am very like this city,because it is sea city,everytime if have time, i am come to sea view the sky,feel this city is very nice,if u like my pic,pls call our center and booking the name is Nico,thx.


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Hello mans,i am Shadow,22age,167D,A hot and spicy little lace has such a great difference. It is also very suitable for Silin. When zebra stripes and retro couches erase sexy sparks.pls call me.


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Hey mans,i amJasmine,20age,168D,The photographer caught this scene immediately, and he could not help stretching himself. But what fascinates me most is the step of changing clothes.pls call me.


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Hey mans,i am Lydia,21age,170D,When she puts on a sexy pose, the wild primitive desire is unable to extricate herself. The temptation of smoked makeup and red lips is hard to express in words.pls call me.


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Hello guys,i am Rose,21 age,170D,i am just finished college,work at Tmall now,i very like Dalian city,have beach,more beautiful old building,but is so cool this city,i like to sport at this city,for beach,for road,it is nice for me,i show my real pic,if u like,then let me know,thx.


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